Friday, February 26, 2010

Reclaim the Streets, Whir are the Real graffito’s ?

As it is evident, graffiti has spread throughout the urban landscape on house walls, train stations, train cars and other places. It is know longer in the deprived constructed cement ghettos; it has migrated to the streets of the middle-class suburbs. Adopted by the middle-class youth who created a street identity in the hope to rebel against their some what privileged up bringing, however with no intention to actually revolt against any system. Rather by constructing a slot in a monotonous social order. Which resulted in Banksy having his first film screened in this years Berlinale Graffiti has come a Long Long way.

A! By the way the film was rely shit...and just to be fair heir is a link to the trailer, do not be fouled the film has not a lot to do with Graffiti.

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