Friday, February 26, 2010

Dedected to you DeR

Congrats!!! On the win of your team that's Great!!! And knowing that you love Italians her is a song just for you. hope you enjoy Peace Brother.

MR Sand man

YA!!! great track

For my BABY

This track is dedicated to the beautiful woman in my life, I know you will like this song. And for all you that appreciate and like new innovative music.....

die ANTwooRd . Cams from SouthAfrika

Hey just lerd how to put videos on the blog. Heehe!! SO, her is my fevoret track & video from Die Antvord !!!!!

I love this Song!!!

Reclaim the Streets, Whir are the Real graffito’s ?

As it is evident, graffiti has spread throughout the urban landscape on house walls, train stations, train cars and other places. It is know longer in the deprived constructed cement ghettos; it has migrated to the streets of the middle-class suburbs. Adopted by the middle-class youth who created a street identity in the hope to rebel against their some what privileged up bringing, however with no intention to actually revolt against any system. Rather by constructing a slot in a monotonous social order. Which resulted in Banksy having his first film screened in this years Berlinale Graffiti has come a Long Long way.

A! By the way the film was rely shit...and just to be fair heir is a link to the trailer, do not be fouled the film has not a lot to do with Graffiti.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Die ANTwooRd . Cams from SouthAfrika

They are the new band from South Africa, there sound is a mixture of hip hop rimes with a Wicked flow and cache electronic beats. I have No FUKING clue what to think of them, probably because they use a mixture of Africans, English and Zoulu.

How ever there videos are great and!!! and the songs after the fifth time are enjoyable.
But the best is that they are from Africa and are getting a lot of hits in the intraweb, Ha! and yes they are going to tour Europe soon. All I got to say is WAT POMP

SO CHEK IT!!!!!!